What Are The Simple Tricks To Prepare Geography Notes ?

Most people get confused about how to prepare excellent geography notes. The fact
cannot be ignored that note-making is an ideal and outstanding crucial step for UPSC
preparation. You are probably not aware of the fact that we tend to lose 40% of the
new information within 24 hours. And that is why it is quite important to keep
revising the notes. We know that the syllabus is quite huge and there are many books
to read. It is not ideal to revise everything directly from the books. In this context, it
is ideal to go for the note-making thing. It is an ideal tool to prepare for this exam
Generally, students think that they are at sea whenever it comes to preparing notes
from NCERT books. Here, we are going to share the easy and the most practical ways
to prepare NCERT Geography Notes for UPSC easily. These tips probably are
quite helpful in the context of preparing notes.

● Read the books thoroughly but do not underline or write anything down. The
motto of reading understands the concept and the important point. If you
start to highlight and underline the things, you will take more time to
complete a chapter. Once you are done with then make a quick read to
highlight and underline. Now, you are quite clear what you want to underline
and what to leave.

● The next step is writing in bullets. Do not make them in paragraphs. Go with
bullet making so that it would be easy for you to memorize. If you prepare in
the form of a filter, it would be tricky to read. Therefore, you should always
prepare them in bullet points. You may also use the stick notes to categorize
the chapters and it would be quite helpful while revising.

● Go for writing short sentences only. Yes, this is one of the most important
things. You must not go for writing long sentences at all. Short sentences are
quite easy to read and understand. If you do not write short sentences, you
probably would not be enjoying your note-making things at all. It is not
important to write in the same way as it is done in your book. You may make
your sentences adding much-needed creativity. Get them rephrased to make
them crisp as well as succinct.

● You may also prepare your notes in the form of a soft copy. The best thing is
that you would be able to access those digital notes whenever you want to
compare them to hardcopies. The best thing about preparing notes online is
that you will be enjoying the benefit of editing or updating the notes quite

● After preparing these notes, keep revising them more often so that all points
get memorized.
We all know that the UPSC syllabus is quite vast in the context of prelims and mains.
If you prepare notes, it becomes easy for you to understand the topic in a better way.
You cannot read every book and that is why it is quite important to prepare these
notes indeed.

The same method you can follow while preparing NCERT Modern India History
Notes to get an excellent outcome indeed. The best thing is that you will be getting
the best results. Preparing notes most smartly means you are going on the right way
to get expected results.

Conclusion –

Preparing notes makes your way easy towards success. The more sophisticated notes
you prepare, the more easily you will be able to learn them. So, what are you waiting
for? It is time to get indulged into notes preparation indeed.

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